What is Sights of Sounds?

Sights of Sounds is the name I have given my photography centered around concerts and performances. It is still a part of Silent Dream Studios, but is one of my main photographic focuses.

Ah. So you're a concert photographer?

I am a photographer, who likes to document lots of things. Concerts are not my specialty, or sole focus. But they are one of my favorite things to capture.

Who's your favorite performer/band to photograph?

That's a tough call. I haven't seen that many, and they've all been awesome!

Wow. Way to be Switzerland...seriously. Who's your favorite?

If I had to pick, it'd be between OneRepublic and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

I find that the artists I have the most fun photographing the most are the ones who perform with everything they have. I've been to see OneRepublic in concert thrice (they are, in earnest, one of my favorite bands) and every time I do, they bring such energy to the stage, it's electrifying. They use minimal stage effects (their lighting set from the last show I saw them at was the fanciest I'd ever see them use), their use of instrumentation is always beautiful, and Ryan Tedder's vocals always strike a chord with me.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, on the other hand (I have only seen them once) went aaaaaaaaaall our when we saw them. Elaborate costumes, excessive lights, flames, fog, giant balloons, and enough confetti to drown a large army. The show was overkill, and lots of fun. Macklemore does his best to tell stories through his performances, whether of despair and failure (he nearly brought us all to tears when he performed "Starting Over"), or of ridiculous partying as Sir Raven Bowie (came on stage with a hot pink and silver cape, blond wig and aviators for "And We Danced").

What type of camera/equipment do you use for your concert photography?

All of the pictures you see in this gallery were taken with either a Kodak EasyShare ZD710, Nikon Coolpix L810 or a Canon PowerShot A2300. (Links lead to Amazon.)

Um...those aren't DSLRs.

I'm quite aware of this. A few reasons why:

  • I haven't owned a DSLR for as long as I've had an interest in concert photography, so I have made do with what I have. I couldn't afford one for a long time...
  • Owning a DSLR would usually mean I'd have to get into the photographer's pit to use it, because DSLRs, or "cameras with removable lenses" are not permitted to be used by the audience. I only recently learned that getting into the pit requires at best, permission well ahead of time, which I don't always have (sometimes I don't know I can attend a show until the day of!), and at worst, requires a press/media pass.
  • Sights of Sounds is purely a labor of love. It is a passion which I don't make anything off of, for the moment, and getting time off from my other jobs AND money for a concert together is sometimes hard.
  • One of my favorite parts of a concert is talking to other fans in the audience. I can't do that in the pit.

Do you plan to do concert photography for a living?

That'd be pretty cool someday, but who knows where the future will take me.

Hey! I'm a performer! Will you come photograph my next concert?

Depends on where and when. You and/or your promoter can email me details at, and we can talk out location and pricing then.